Wired for Greatness

Are you living an “on purpose” life or “off purpose” life?

Some people seem to lack passion in life. They are fatigued, and everything seems hard. They are often frustrated, stuck, and it seems that every obstacle becomes a huge problem.

“Off purpose” people are a stark contrast to those living on purpose. “On purpose” people know that they are in God’s will. They are enjoying energy, confidence, and seem to be in the “zone!”

Benefits for “on purpose” living:

  • Energy – Life is exciting. You look forward to getting up each day, and the challenges create energy!
  • Power – Overcoming problems easily. Life is in harmony. You are “in the zone” and experience “flow.”
  • Confidence – Being sure of your directions and actions.
  • Balance – There is a base line to evaluate and measure all decisions, and can confidently allocate your time, talent, treasure and energy. It’s easy to say “no” because your “YES” is so big.
  • Fun – Challenges lead to satisfaction and accomplishment. Extra hours at work become fun, and often feel like play.

This 1-day workshop may be right for you, if:

  • You are tired of the “grind” and meaningless work, and you know there must be a greater purpose for your life.
  • You want to discover how you are wired and how to use those strengths for God’s Kingdom.
  • You are tired of fearful thinking and “what ifs” keeping you from discovering God’s plan for your life.
  • You have developed life or business skills, but think that “church” is the only place to do work for the “Kingdom of God.”
  • You want to develop a system to make decisions that are in line with your passions, and start saying “no” to distractions.
  • You know there “more” to life than you are living, but need more clarity to go to the next level.
  • The workshop runs from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. There is an hour for lunch (bringing a brown bag lunch is recommended).

This workshop has been so transformative for the participants, that we want you to come experience this for yourselves!

Because we are supported by generous donors, we are able to discount what would normally be a $199 course and offer it to you for $40 until April, then it is $97/person for the rest of the year. Our army of supporters do not want this kind of life-changing experience to be missed because of costs.


Registration for 2015 – Open now!

For April, it’s a deal at $40.  Lunch is on your own (bringing a brown bag lunch is recommended).


After April, the price goes back to its $97/person price!

Space is limited in this workshop! Don’t let this opportunity to get clear how you are wired, and tap into the greatness that lies within!

Time & Location: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm – the Life Center building at the The Crossing Church (10130 Tuscany Ridge Drive, Tampa, FL 33619).


Register for the April 18th class here (it’s only $97 $40 – and filling up fast):

Register for the July 25th class here (instead of $97, the early bird special is $77):



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